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About Us

The staff here is Family. We understand your unique, individual, queer if you will, needs and we strive to meet those needs. Our unique coaching approach emphasizes a cooperative relationship between the specialist and the client that encourages autonomy and values the needs and insights of both parties.

This approach to care minimizes rush evaluations and follow-up, and emphasizes listening to client concerns in the context of their whole life environment including social, family, work, mental, and spiritual. By shifting our focus to the unique needs and nature of a person rather than on the difficulties they have, we can help promote self-healing and enhance wellbeing.

At Well Gay we believe that by addressing the whole person, both the client’s immediate needs as well as the effects of the long-term and complex interplay between a range of biological, behavioral, psychosocial and environmental influences are addressed. This process enhances the ability of individuals to not only get well, but most importantly, to stay well.

Important elements of an integrative approach to health coaching include engaging the client as an informed and empowered partner and personalizing the care to best address the individual’s unique conditions, needs and circumstances. With this integrative approach Well Gay emphasizes prevention, health maintenance and early intervention, and utilizes all appropriate, evidenced-based and personalized therapeutic approaches to achieve optimal health and wellbeing across one’s lifespan.